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The Art of Public Speaking

Do you dream of being an Inspirational or Motivational Speaker?

This Class is for You!



Art of Public Speaking


Connie's is an extraordinary communicator, with an exceptional ability to impart wisdom and skill to her students.


Her many years of experience in the fields of speaking, teaching and entertaining include:

  • more than 20 years as a post-secondary instructor

  • more than 12 years as an inspirational speaker

  • audiences and classrooms of men, women and children

  • published author; creator of  books, articles, academic curriculum. music and dramatic productions

  • musical and dramatic performance





"Connie is a fabulous speaker!"

J. Schilling, Event Attendee

 "The best teacher I ever had!"

Adela M., Student

"Connie has an exceptional

ability to teach." 

~Janet Huber, Academic Dean

Krystal Grad.jpg

What Graduates are Saying:

Krystal graduated The Art of Public Speaking as a Certified Public Speaker, in October, 2019.  

Here is what Krystal has to say about this class:

" This class will equip you to be not only a good speaker, but an extraordinary one.


The class taught me how to compose an effective speech from beginning to end. It will provide you with the skills to reach all kinds of listeners in your audience, at the same time.


You will be encouraged to speak your heart and hone your ability to control your body and tone of voice, as you learn to present your content with purpose.


I would highly recommend this class to anyone who desires to share their story on stage. It was well worth the time and effort I put in."

You can learn more about Krystal at 

or contact her directly at

Here is what Krystal has to say about her Instructor:

"Connie is a powerful and inspiring teacher. Her practical wisdom and personal examples allow me to think about my own life in a positive way."


Krystal for Web.png

Krystal Johnson

About This Course


The Art of Public Speaking is designed for those aspiring to a profession as an inspirational or motivational speaker; to be a Certified Public Speaker

The class may also be beneficial to anyone who wants increase your effectiveness when speaking in public, or to overcome a fear of speaking in public.​

As a student you will be introduced to a variety of speaking methods;n you will be encouraged to define your speaking style, and to discover your strengths as a speaker; you will be mentored to overcome common public performance challenges such as stage fright; and you will  learn how to develop quality speeches using effective speaking methods in order to relate to a variety of audiences; and to engage your audience in a way that will keep their attention.

Classes are designed to provide multiple opportunities to speak in public, and opportunity to explore developing your marketing platform, including the formatting of a speaker portfolio  and the building of a website.


Opportunity to qualify as a Certified Public Speaker will be provided. All students who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Training.  

The classes are lecture-lab in nature, with one-on-one sessions with your instructor. Topics of study are presented by the instructor and then students apply the principles of each topic by accomplishing in-class and homework assignments, including the formatting and presentation of multiple speeches that will be evaluated, and adjusted as needed in order to meet a specific criteria. Learning to take constructive criticism gracefully will be discussed; as well as how to effectively respond to any and all input from your future event attendees. 


To learn more, or to apply for admissions to the class, contact Connie at  

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