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November 2020

Jackson Finds His Forever Home

Who is Jackson?

Jackson is a  uniquely adorable puppy, with an innate talent to make you feel happy.  He is a short, squatty, curly-haired bundle of love, with the most beautiful eyes that seem to look right into your soul.

He wiggles and waggles his tiny little self into the hearts of most all who meet him. He loves everyone, and he absolutely adores children.

Jackson is a registered Service Dog, and training to be a Therapy Dog. He is a natural at being therapeutic. Only trouble is, he will have to eventually pass a 13-point test which includes "not being distracted" by things around him.


Jackson is distracted by every person (especially children), every dog, every cat, every bird, pretty much everything that moves. He wants to be every living creatures best friend. 

This is a lovely quality. But (ironically) it may make certifying as a Therapy Dog a bit of a challenge.

In the meantime, Jackson is on a mission to make the world smile. And he is doing a very fine job of that!

Get to know Jackson a bit better by watching his "Adventures in JacksonLand" YouTube videos.

He would love to come join you for your next special event. To learn more, contact Connie at 

Adventures in JacksonLand

December 2020

Jackson Visits the Hospital

December 2020

Merry Christmas from Jackson

January 2021

Jackson Learns to Walk with a Leash

January 2021

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February 2021

Jackson: Snow is Awesome!

March 2021

Jackson Helps with Housecleaning

March 2021

No Doubt There's a Puppy in the House

April 2021

Jackson: "Play with me Mom!"

April 2021

Jackson Discovers Pink Snow

July 2021

Jackson Brings Joy to a Classroom

August 2021

Jackson Meets a Lion

September 2021

Jackson is One Year Old

More Adventures to Come

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