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Endorsements for

Connie's Book

"The Voice of Love"

"Open, vulnerable, honest, insightful, transparent and life changing!"

~Jim MicIntosh, KPDQ Night Life Talk

"So transparent and honest that the reader is infused with hope and invited on their own journey towards intimacy with the Voice."

~Larry Kennedy, Author, Pastor

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By a Book Save a Child's Life

Proceeds from Connie's Books

Benefit ACO

African Child Outreach

Mandi R., August, 2015
"A woman I have only known for 7 short months has already made such a huge impact in my life. I adore, admire, respect and love this woman. She works day and night with little sleep and still manages to wear a smile and spread positivity each day. She is determined to see her students succeed at any cost. Tomorrow she leaves for Africa to do what she does best. To help, teach and show love to children. An incredible inspiration and a shining light in the lives of all that know her. She's a saint. Wish her luck on her journey! Love you, Miss Connie! Be good. Come back "like really quick"!"

"The kids have been asking if you (and Jackson) are ever coming back - which I think is a BIG compliment!"
~Kate DeGraw,, Instructor, I AM Learning Partnership,
Americh Massena/Irvington School, Portland, OR  2021

"It has been a great weekend. Really enjoyed your messages and was blessed by them. I especially enjoyed you calling God "Love."  I know he is Love but had not seen it done this way.   Also will be more aware of hearing his voice and letting His light shine in me. Thank you, may the Lord continue to bless!"

~Barb Burrell. Event Attendee, Marion Retreat, Cannon Beach, OR 2020

"I most appreciate your openess and teaching about ways God (Love) has spoken to you. It's a good reminder of how much our Father loves us and cared for every detail of our lives!"  

~Raechel Dow, Event Attendee, Marion Retreat, Cannon Beach, OR 2020

"Your message was very encouraging and reminds me of how much we are loved. Thank you so much for sharing of how Love has guided you! You have reminded me to listen to the Voice of Love!"

~ Valerie Krick, Event Attendee, Marion Retreat, Cannon Beach, OR 2020


"Thank you so much! You inspired me to let go and feel free to listen (to Love) when He talks, nudges me, or through my dreams!"

~ Dianne Parisa, Event Attendee, Marion Retreat, Cannon Beach, OR 2020

"Connie is a powerful and inspiring teacher. Her practical wisdom and personal examples allow me to think about my own life in a positive way."

~ Krystal Johnson, Student, 'The Art of Public Speaking,'  Sherwood, OR 2019

"So many peoples lives you have touched! Thank you."

~Keri V., Student, CC, 2018

"Thank you for all the ways you have given and sacrificed to help so many. The love that you have shared has definitely impacted my life, I am forever grateful."

~M. L., Student, Alterius College, 2018

FROM "The Power of The Pen" Book Club., Gresham, Or., November 2017



Everyone LOVED you, and I mean EVERYONE!  Thank you for donating your time, and your

book to our library.

I really enjoyed hearing “What we think is Plan B Really is Plan A.”  I took so much from your speech, and I know all that attended did too!


Thank you for reminding our community that LOVE connections are made every day and ALL

around the world and that Faith is Always better than doubt.


We truly do have SO many things to be thankful for, and you my dear are most definitely one of them!

Anne Whitlock 

Connie Ruth Christiansen

"Thanks Tons! You inspire me, and i wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you!"  

~M.M., Student, Alterius College, 2017

" It is funny how sometimes in life, you need to hear a lecture or a sermon that touches home. (My daughter is struggling) I want to thank you for opening up my eyes and making me realize what steps I need to take to make her whole again."

~ T. L., Event Attendee, 2017

"Connie, I will take so much out into the world that you have taught me. You are a great teacher!" 

~No name given, Student, Alterius College, 2017​

"I attended a week long conference in Kenya, Africa where Connie spoke 2 or 3 times daily. Connie was funny, thought provoking, and inspirational. She engaged her audience with her warmth, wit and wisdom whether her audience was children, teens, women, a mixed group, American or African. Everyone left her presentations feeling lighter and more valued as a person."

~ Terri Fletcher, Event Attendee. Kitalie, Kenya, Africa 2015

FROM AFRICA, September 2015:


My Dear New Sister Connie

What great joy and blessings to have you in our land of Kenya,


Daily I receive messages from throughout Africa how God has used your message of Love to transform lives and marriages. People are still calling into the radio station, wanting to hear more from you. Through your books and the message you shared with us it has brought a great transformation in lives.


Thanks for standing with us and supporting us spiritually and financially. Through your support, we have touched the lives of many children and people from our communities. God is going to do amazing things as we bring hope to the hopeless.


We love you, our dear one. Please accept much regards from my family, the children, widows, women and the church at large, they truly love you. May God's favor rest upon you.


From Your New Little African Brother,


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WIX Hug 1.png

"Connie, you are the best teacher I have ever had; I'm learning so much! Thank you!"

~L. Harding, Student, Everest Institute, 2015

"Connie is a wonderful teacher!!! She makes learning fun."  

~ No name given, Student​, Everest Institute, 2015


"You are the best teacher I ever had; you are such an amazing loving and caring person."

~ Adela M, Student, 2014

 "Thank you for being an awesome teacher and inspiration!" 

~ C. Palmiano, Student, Everest Institute, 2014

"I loved this class! Enjoyed your cheery personality."  

~ No name given, Lecture Attendee​, Portland, OR 2014

"Connie - what a delight to meet you this weekend!!!! You are a JOYFUL and LOVING woman of God!!! Thank you for hearing the voice of God and encouraging us to listen for our assignments!!! Can't wait to hear the next chapter in your life and live mine!"

~ Linda Edwards, Event Attendee Friends Retreat, Rockaway Beach, Oregon 2014

"Thank you for taking time to make such a difficult subject easy to understand. I was afraid I couldn't do this, but you assured me I could. And I did!"

~No name given, Student, Everest Institute, 2014

"You are the best teacher I have ever had! I love that you teach in many ways to accommodate the needs of the students" 

~ No name given, Student, Everest Institute,2013

​“Connie, God sure knew what He was doing when He blessed you with your calling. You have touched my life!"  

~ No name given, Event Attendee​, 2013

"Connie has a distinct aire of confidence in her mannerisim that you cannot help but respect; she speaks in a way that you feel not only she is speaking to the group but also to you individually." 

~ Eliica H., Student, Everest Institute, 2012​



"You have truly taught me more than I can ever thank you for"  

~Stephanie, Student, 2011​

"Ms. Connie: I want to personally thank you for everything you did for me and my graduating class. You have become such a huge part of my life, career, even how I relate to will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you."

~John M. Stepisnik Jr., Student, Everest Institute, 2011



"Connie is an inspiration. Her words bring life to those around her. She is a woman full of love for everyone who crosses her path."  

~ J. S., Teaching Colleague​, 2010​


Wix Hug 5.jpg

Post-Secondary GRADUATION Ceremony 2010


"When Connie speaks before large groups she brings a warm one-on-one feeling. Before more than 1400 graduates and

their family members, Connie encouraged everyone to believe in their hopes and dreams for a brighter future.


Her delivery invoked thought with humor, and engaged the entire group throughout her presentation. I am inspired by her enthusiasm. She encourages me to reach for a purpose. I am reminded of what I am grateful for, and excited to reach for the desires God has placed in my heart. There is no challenge too big. There is no heartache too deep. And there is always something to laugh about.


Connie is a fabulous speaker, that I am honored to recommend."  


~ J. Schilling, Academic Director, PPC Graduation Ceremony, 2010

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"Connie is a speaker who draws us in immediately. What she shares from her innermost

being connects to our own lives, emotions, and circumstances. She shares in such a way that

we feel loved, accepted and included. ” ​ 

~ Marijo M., Retreat Attendee, Portland, OR., 2009

“With clarity and practicality Connie reveals keys for identifying barriers to confidence. She reminds us that we are precious gifts of God to our world, and offers her listeners insight to overcoming obstacles, and to living beyond fear.”

~ R. Sandu, Event Attendee​​, 2009

​"You are such an amazing teacher! You have helped me learn things about myself that no one else has. Thank you for that!" ~ A.K., Student, Everest Institute, 2008


"Connie is a gifted motivational speaker who uses power, truth and conviction as a cornerstone for captivating an audience. She adds richness of character and good natured humor to build the perfect stage to give the gift of her message to her audience."  

~ J. Jacobs, Teaching Colleague, MHCC, 2006


"Connie is a great teacher! She pours her heart and soul into her efforts and she is a students emotional rock during difficult times." 

~ N. Early, Student, Pioneer Pacific College, 2003


"Connie has an exceptional ability to teach." 

~ J. Huber, Academic Dean, College America,1998

In May, 2018, after more than 20 years as a post-secondary teacher,

I created this bittersweet video for Facebook, as a goodbye to the classroom

I was honored, and my heart touched, by many heart-warming responses (see below)

from just a few of my hundreds of lovely students:

  • Macque Linder: Love you Ms.Connie! Thank you for all the ways you have given and sacrificed to help so many. The love that you have shared has definitely impacted my life, I am forever grateful. You deserve all that is coming your way! I love you lots. -Queen


  • Patti Witt: What a wonderful career as a teacher, mentor, counselor, guardian angel, and a true friend. I love you Connie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my life!


  • Magan Boyle: You were a fabulous teacher and an even more fabulous human being! Miss you!


  • Nikki Peters: Miss Connie Ruth Christiansen you are a huge part of my success story. One of the hardest times in my life to decide to go back to school with two young kids while working full time. I cried every day. I love my life now and so glad you were apart of that journey.



  • Stephanie Johnson: You are such an amazing person and teacher!! I was so scared when I first started school, you and the class made if an amazing experience!! I'm very blessed to have you in my life!! Here's to toes in the sand and beautiful sunsets to watch!! I hope your next adventures in life being you as much joy as you have bought too all of our lives!! Xoxoxo!!


  • Patricia Winslow: Wow Connie Ruth Christiansen, what an awesome video!! Brings back a lot of great memories at Pioneer Pacific! You are such a fantastic teacher and inspiration to all your students!


  • Nina Farber: You have forever made an impact on my life and I am forever thankful. I hope whatever your next adventures are they are filled with lots of love and laughter


  • Savannah Rose: I am so glad I was able to be one of the lucky ones in your class! One day you came to me and said “Savannah, you need to become a teacher. That is what you are.” Thanks to you I have now become one! I love every moment of it! Love you Ms. Connie Ruth Christiansen



  • Mandi Rikitu: Beautiful, Miss Connie! Congratulations! I wish many many great things for you in the future! Including some sleep!!! Now you have no excuse. 


  • Alexandrea Kacouros: Perkins You ARE an amazing & inspiring teacher 



  • Maridel Botona: Chilson Thank you Ms. Connie Ruth, you are one of great teacher, you inspire me to do better. I wish you all the best in life! I miss you ♡♡♡♡♡♡


  • Barbara Padilla: You are a great instructor and a beautiful person. Many blessings 


  • Crystal Mendez: Much love for you Ms. Cawnieeee, thank you for teaching me great things!


  • KC Makinster: You are the best instructor I've ever had, love and miss you!



  • Tonya Laskey Galliher: You were such an inspiration and a blessing to have in my life. Thank you for all your warm words and wonderful hugs. You will never be forgotten as a teacher, mentor and leader


  • Christine Tran: Love you and miss you. Now that you'll have more time on your hands lets plan brunch


  • Renée Hatfield: What a career you have had! So blessed that I was able to share a small portion of it! Wishing you the best always 


  • Jessica Vegas: I Love You Connie Ruth Christiansen!!! Thank you for being the best teacher/sister soul ever!!! May God bless you always!!! Forever keep you in my heart


  • Denise Bonneville: I love you miss C. Thank you for everything! You're the best instructor I've ever had! God bless you on your travels. you'll do amazing no matter what you do! God bless!!



  • Dana Rinehart: Kruss Congrats Ms. Connie! You are not only an AMAZING teacher, but a beautiful, loving soul. I wish you the very best in all your future endeavors! Slow down and smell the roses


  • Courtney Montgomery Oates: Oh Miss Connie.. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve taught me. I believe you really taught me how to be a good MA and I appreciate that. I wish you nothing but the best and hope retirement treats you well. Hugs to you! Xo


  • Sarah Wilson: Miss Connie there are no words to tell you how grateful I am to have had you as my instructor. You taught me everything I know, and because of you I am the medical assistant I am today. I can’t tell you just how much you are already missed. Thank you for everything. I wish you nothing but the best. Sending you lots of love and hugs on you new journey.


  • Jonathan Marshall: Thanks for being a great teacher and mentor. Much love on your future endeavors. 


  • Salma Nemeh-Faris: What an incredible journey it has been! Loved every minute of working evenings with you even if it was just for 4 years of the 9 years you were at Everest. You are an amazing instructor that touched the lives of so many students! Best of luck in your future adventures. I love you so much Connie Ruth Christiansen!! 


  • Jess Martinez: Thankful to have met you & to have had you as my instructor   You’re the best


  • Tammy Conley Tabler: Thank you soooo much!!!!  <3


  • Adela Montes: Miss you miss Connie you are the best teacher I ever had.. you are such an amazing loving and caring person wish you the best love you 


  • Keri Veach: So many peoples lives you have touched! Thank you


  • Brandon Saggio: Connie, you are one of my favorite memories of my Everest teaching years! Congratulations to you!!! Im grateful i got to be part of such a great team with you  :)


  • Luise Lefeiloai: Im very thankful to have met you, thank you so much, God bless you and many more years


  • Jonathan Miclat: I am so glad you were my teach and always been their for my problem. Showed me how to stand up on my feet and face the reality. My daughter was so little but yet told me how I took her too school while I'm studying but I guess she seen it on my laptop lol. We miss you and love you so very much Ms. Connie Ruth Christiansen. You will be always on my heart and Camille


  • Donna Edwards Randazzo: Connie your are now and have always been an inspiration, a teacher and mentor. Friendship always, sharing God’s love with all you could. Your journey is far from over! I am excited to see what HE has planned for you. In the mean time refresh and enjoy!


  • Hannah Martinez: So grateful for you!!! 


  • Victoria Anne Wollny: You’re the best! Thank you for everything you've done and have taught me I appreciate it. It's made me who I am. You were there for me during my hard times, and I couldn't ask for a more caring person, so thank you!!



  • Becky Hatch: Connie, that was lovely. I’m so glad I had the pleasure of working with you at College America way back when. I wish you all the best on the next leg of your journey wherever it takes you 


  • Jennifer Lynn: Ms. Connie!!! I feel very blessed to have been part of this amazing chapter of yours! I wish I had pictures to share with you of the fun memories we shared together in class.. I know I have a video of my pinning somewhere!! I will forever be thankful f...See More


  • Linda Blessing: Thank you so much for your love of all God's creatures. You prepared for a career I loved. And thank you for the opportunity to teach. I found I loved teaching. Thank you so much for all you taught me and represented to all of us.


  • Maria Maldonado López: Awh Ms. Connie , I feel blessed & grateful I had you as a teacher.   May God bless your loving soul.


  • Priscilla Meza: Oh Ms Connie!!! I want to thank you for be so nurturing and loving, you gave me hope to stay in school when it felt like my world was falling apart and for that I can't thank you enough. Good luck on your new adventures 



  • Brittany Pendleton: I just cried - you’re seriously the most amazing, caring woman I’ve ever met in my life and you will always have a place in my heart  I love you miss Connie!


  • Marlenne Canales: MsConnie I’m so grateful to have had you as my teacher. Love you very much!!!


  • Ariel Contreras Sanchez:  Ms.Connie even though I only had you for a short month , You were the best teacher I ever had!


  • Katelyn Gelsinger: Connie, because of you and all your wisdom I have become an amazing MA. I couldn’t have done it without your guidance and vast knowledge! I hope your next chapter is all you could possible hope for and more!

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