Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the purpose of African Child Outreach?

Many children of Africa have had mother, father and home taken from them by such things as poverty,

AIDS, tribal wars, and domestic violence.


Our goal is to bring joy back into their lives by reminding them that they are loved;

to offer hope for their futures by providing them opportunites that many of us take for granted: 

love, shelter, food, toys, clean water, clothing, and education



2. How do I donte?

  • You may donate funds via Paypal, by clicking on this link 


(if you don't have a Paypal account, it is quick and easy; click on the "donate" link and you will be taken 

to a form that will walk you through setting up a safe and convenitent Paypal account)

PayPal will email you a reciept with the date, the amount donated, and that you donated funds to African

Child Outreach


3. How do I contact ACO? 




4.  Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, your donations are tax deductible;  

African Child Outreach is registered as a non-profit charity.



5. Can I donate one time only, or do I have to commit to a monthly donation?

We welcome any donation, any time, any size!



6. How much of the money that I donate goes to help the children?


100% of your donations are used to help the children

We are strictly a volunteer operation; your donations will not be used to pay for volunteer efforts. 

Fees may be required by the following:

  • If you donate to us online via Paypal - Paypal requires a small transaction fee 

  • If you send us a check or money order we deposit that money directly into the African Child Outreach

       bank account. When we wire money to the orphanages,  the bank charges a routing fee 

None of your donations are used to pay for our time or effort

7.  What will the money I donate be used for?

Donations will be used to help the children; for a variety of the children's needs such as food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and education


African Child Outreach has made every effort to ensure that your money will be safely transferred

and used for the purposes you intend

  • We transfer your money directly to an account that has been set up for the sole purpose of aiding the

children; we receive confirmation that the funds have been received 

  • We have personally met and formed close relationships with the founders and leaders of the orphanages we support, and we are in regular contact with them

  • We have met and talked with children in the orphanages, and with the volunteers, teachers and counselors who work directly with the children

  • We have witnessed firsthand the benefits of your donations

  • We are in contact regularly with the managers of the orphanages, and we are planning another trip

soon to to once again witness the results of the donated funds 

See how your ACO contributions are making a difference each month go to the link above "ACO Partners"  

If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us 


Your Donations DO make a Difference!


Join Hands With Us

to Help these Precious Children!

African Child Outreach

Bringing Hope to Abandoned Children;

Providing Shelter, Food, Education