May 15, 2019

A Love Story (I Dream)

 by Connie Ruth Christiansen


I dream (during sleep) - sometimes prophetic, sometimes not. Sometimes Love speaks to me; or an angel or a human.

Last night a man’s voice spoke from somewhere 'off-stage.' His words were simple yet profound, like that of a poem; they echoed into the half-light of my waking; and they spoke to a question I have had heavy on my heart of late:

“Where is Love?” he asked my dream-self.

“In Heaven?” I replied (not quite sure what he meant.)

“No,” he said. “Love is here. Run to Him.”

“If Love is here, why must I run?” I questioned.

“For the joy of it,” came his answer.

"Search for Love," he continued, "for the joy of being found;

run to Love for the joy of being recognized;

for the joy of being lifted up, like a child into strong arms,

to be held; and then to fly arms outstretched, free as a bird.

Run, for the joy of it.

Love waits….. for the joy of it.”

~      Connie Ruth Christiansen, May 15, 2019

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May 15, 2019

A Love Story (I Dream)

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