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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to DECIDE Which Course is Best for You

  • Or contact Certify for Life - we will be happy to help

How to Schedule Your Class

  • Contact Certify for Life   503 975 2702  OR  certify4life@hotmail.com                

  • We will work with your schedule to arrange a class at a convenient time for you

  • We will conveniently come to you! Your place of business or other meeting site.

How to Make a PAYMENT 

  • You may pay before or after scheduling a class (but BEFORE attending the class)

  • Please go to "CPR Fees" link  to make payment via Paypal 

    • Other payment arrangements (cash, money order or company check) may be available

             contact Certify for Life​ for details

What to Expect:

Receiving Your Certification

  • Once you have successfully completed your CPR or First Aid training, your instructor will provide a certificate of accomplishment

    • In addition, an official AHA certification card valid for 2 years will be emailed BLS, Heartsaver CPR, and First Aid students

      • e-card typically arrives within 1-3 business days

    • Family and Friends CPR students will receive only the in-class certificate of accomplishment


Attending Class ​​

  • Your instructor will provide a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for learning

  • Bring with you, any required documents

    • For Instance

      • blended learning certification

      • exam grade

      • receipt for payment, if you paid within less than 24 hours of class

        • you may bring these documents as paper copies or as copies on your phone​ or iPad

  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of class

    • If you are unavoidably detained please contact your instructor directly to explain and determine if rescheduling is necessary

    • If you are unavoidably unable to attend, please contact your instructor as soon as possible, before class begins

      • Please NOTE: No refunds will be given - but you will be given opportunity to reschedule.

      • In order to apply your original payment towards a different class, please contact Certify for Life within 7 days to reschedule

  • Be prepared to stay for the entire class

    • certification will not be provided to students who do not complete the entire course

  • Wear comfortable clothing and low heeled shoes 

    • Most courses are interactive and you may be required to be up and down from the floor for some of the activities

    • Communicate with your instructor if you have physical limitations, as accommodations may be possible

  • Bring a drink, a snack, a lunch of your choice

    • Appropriate breaks will be provided, depending on the length of the class

    • Your instructor may provide water or snacks but we suggest you bring  your own, especially for longer classes or if you have

              specific dietary need​s

How Long Will My Class Take?

The length of your class will depend on several factors:

  • Which course you choose

  • How many people are attending the class

Your Certify for Life scheduler will give you an expected time frame when you verify your class choice

  • Typically classes run between 3-5 hours in length

  • Combined classes (ie: BLS and First Aid) may run 6-8 hours in length​


WHY Choose Certify for Life?

Our Motto:   CPR Saves Lives! But learning CPR does not have to be an intimidating or boring experience. 

  • Our instructors enjoy teaching, and want you to enjoy your class, and to make sure that all your questions and concerns are addressed

  • Our goal is that you will complete your class with a sense of accomplishment - that you not only had an enjoyable experience but that you feel educated, and confident to apply your CPR and First Aid skills

Course Qualifications

  • All Certify for Life CPR and First Aid courses are taught according to  American Heart Association guidelines

Instructor Qualifications

  • All Certify for Life instructors are trained and certified as instructors in good standing with  the American Heart Association

  • We make every effort to assure your instructor is skilled, knowledgeable, interesting, and helpful, and that your class will be engaging as well as educational

  • Certify for Life has assembled a small pool of highly dedicated and qualified instructors

  • The lead instructor of Certify for Life, is Connie Christiansen. She teaches most of the classes. Her qualifications are listed below

Connie Christiansen Qualifications:

Connie is a dedicated healthcare professional. She has been teaching CPR and other healthcare related subjects for more than 20 year and is very knowledgeable. Her classes are lighthearted and interactive. She is patient and kind, and fun, and determined to make your CPR class enjoyable as well as educational

Here are just a few of the comments regarding Connie's CPR classes:


  • "This class was so much fun! Most CPR classes I have taken in the past were so boring! But this was fun!" 

  • "I actually fell confident that I can save a life!"

  • "Best CPR class ever!"

  • "The instructor was very knowledgeable. I learned a lot!"

  • "Connie was so great! Best CPR class I have ever attended"

  • "I enjoyed your cheery personality. Fun class!"

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