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Bringing Hope to Abandoned Children;

Providing Shelter, Food, Education

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A FIRE has DESTROYED the HOME of MORE than 100 Children!

Most of these girls were abandoned, by their families, to live on the streets.

Pastor Sam and his team rescured them.

This SCHOOL is the ONLY HOME they know.

When the girls dormitory caught fire, the emergency fire teams were contacted - they never arrived!!.

These girls lost their home, bedding, clothing, personal items, and school supplies.

Thankfully, no lives were lost in the fire.

But several children and adults were injured while trying to contain the flames.

This school is only one part of Blessings Hope Centre.

Sam has adopted more than 700 children!!

He and his team are constantly struggling for finances enough to house and feed so many.

To rebuild tis dormitory is no small feat....nearly impossible without our help.

Your help is desperately needed!


Your Donations Provided Track Suits for

Blessings Hope Orphanage 2015

They were so excited!

Blessings Hope Children Enjoying a Group Sing-A-Long
With Connie. 2015:

Children of Blessings Hope Center 2016

Your Donations Feeding The Children 2017:

Children of Kings Kids Orphanage 2016

Your Donations Made a Christmas Dinner Difference for

Many Grateful Hungry People

December 2016

MARCH 2022

EMERGENCY FOOD for 750 Children


This month, Pastor Sam had to make the difficult choice between water and food for the children.

  • This week the children have eaten one meal a day.

Today I found about the crisis, and we were able to send some funds…..But more is needed to help these dear people weather this emergency.

This month the orphanage’s well water pump needed to be replaced, and so food funds were used in order that children would have necessary-for-life water.


Thank you for any help you can give today.

July 18, 2019

Medical Emergency - $600 Needed

Sisters Praise (5yo), and Doricus (13yo) need our help!


They were rescued this morning, after their stepmother tried to kill them with poison, and then she burned them with hot cooking oil.


Thankfully, Pastor Sam and the Blessings Hope Center team stepped and to rescue the girls - they are now safe at Blessings Hope Center


Click on the "Medical Emergency" link below, to learn more or to donate.

Even just a few dollars helps! Let's work together to make life better for these two beautiful children

Doricus and Praise AFTER pictures.jpg
Doricus and Praise after pictures 2.jpg

October 2020

Thank you for helping Praise and Doricus! The sisters are thriving in their new home, where they feel safe and love. Your donations made a difference!

See the July 18 entry for the full story about these dear sisters

November 24, 2019

We are happy to report that Pastor Samuel is Safe!

Samuel is pastor of Blessings Hope Orphanage. He also travels often to aid the impoverished people of Pokot. I heard from him today - He is Safe!

He asks for our prayers, and tells me that dangerous rains and flooding are throughout all of Kenya.

Please consider giving so we can continue to help

Kenya landslides: At least 36 killed as homes swept away amid torrential rain

December 24,  2019

Due to the heavy rains, new government regulations, and other factors, Blessings Hope's orphan dormitories have been condemned, demolished and are being rebuilt.

This is a very costly effort ($30,000 USD) for a group of people who struggle daily to feed approximately 300 children.

Thankfully the school is still standing and operational. But the children have been temporarily separated and housed elsewhere.

As of today, there is still a need of $20,000 to finish this huge project. Pastor Samuel sends his heartfelt thanks to anyone who is willing to join him by giving.   

Blessing new building 5.jpg
Blessing new building 3.jpg
April, 2020 
In spite of the corona virus threat, Pastor Samuel and his dedicated team continue to work tirelessly to rebuild Blessings Hope Orphanage after the floods, and to feed not only 300 rescued children but also the overwhelming number of men, women, and children still living on the dangerous streets of Kitalie, Kenya
SAM 1.jpg
SAM 4.jpg

February 15, 2019


March 28, 2019
A New Well Has Been Found!
Thank you for your donations!
A new well has been found! Pastor Samuel says thank you! and that the children are so excited and grateful They send their love to all who gave to make a difference!

Children of Blessings Hope Orphanage stand in line to get a long awaited drink from the new well!

ACO WELL 2.jpg

April, 2019

GO FUND PIC for WEB.jpeg

May 18, 2020

African Child Outreach

is expanding our efforts to help these precious children

by joining hands with

Blessings Hope Mission )  

in cooperation with FGC and Marnie Swedberg

December 1, 2020 - Thank you for giving! We reached our goal of $500, and Blessings Hope electricity was turned back on! (see Nov 15 post for details!

Please consider giving monthly! The need for food, clothing, and education for $450 children is never-ending.

November 15, 2020

URGENT NEED for $500

Blessings Hope Center has been without electricity for five days!

Added expenses to keep the school up to code for COVID-19 has forced Pastor Sam has made the difficult choice to use funds designated for housing utilities to comply with local regulations. Without compliance the school would be forced to close.

So the school remains open but housing electricity has been turned off.

Please consider giving! Even if it is just a few dollars! No amount is too small. When we put it all the small donations together we can make a difference!

July 2021 Our Dear Friend, the Amazing  Samuel Wafula (Pastor of the Orphanage sponsored by African Child Outreach)   is being interviewed live on YouTube, by Marnie Swedberg. 

















Pastor Sammy Wafula has adopted 700+ children from the streets of Kenya - with virtually no consistent external financial support.  Can you imagine?!

You are invited to join us for a 2-hour, interactive, live video interview on Thursday at If you won't be able to attend, feel free to enter your questions early!

CLICK HERE to Help Support Sammy's Mission:


SAM 3.jpg
ACO 2 28 1.jpg
This GOAL REACHED - Thank You!
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