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October 31, 2019

Back to the Closet


October 31, 2018

Back to the Closet

 by Connie Ruth Christiansen

When things that should not have happened in my childhood overwhelmed me, I would hide in a closet. It was dark in there, but I felt much safer than being in the light, where I would surely be found, and hurt again.

Jesus was in that closet with me. I felt His presence. I heard Him speak kindness. I did not question the reality of Him. We did not talk about the great mysteries of the universe; we didn’t even talk about why bad things were happening. We just sat together. And I was loved.


Just for today, I just want to crawl back into that place where faith is simple, and the presence of Jesus is more real than the danger lurking; more real than all of my questions; more real than my doubts and my fears.

No questions– just passion.

His all-consuming Presence; this planet’s realities fading; the realm of heaven, the reality of Him is all I want to feel, see, know.

I want to snuggle down deep in Him, and rest for a while.

Some people are content with simple, matter-of-fact faith.
I am programmed to want more, to know more, to study more, to analyze every single minute particle of it; to prove it, and to find confirmation of that proof, and to chronicle so that I can refer back, and be convinced; and so that others will learn also.

All of who I am wants to connect with all of Who He is.

But today I want simple.

Just me, my childlike faith, and Jesus ….and trust; hiding away in the closet.

~      Connie Ruth Christiansen, October 31, 2019

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