African Child Outreach

Bringing Hope to Abandoned Children;

Providing Shelter, Food, Education

African Child Outreach is a non-profit organization, founded by good friends Connie and Terri, after their trip to Kitalie, Kenya, Africa, where they met and worked with several pastors and more than 200 beautiful orphaned children; and where they witnessed firsthand the heart-wrenching sight of too many abandoned children, who are living alone, on the dangerous poverty stricken streets.


There are more than 30 million homeless street children in Africa! More than 250,000 in Kenya! These children seem destined to a life of hopelessness, except for the compassionate hearts of men and women who are making a difference.


The purpose of African Child Outreach is to raise funds to aid these wonderful people who are bringing hope to the hopeless by offering  shelter, food, clothing and education to the precious children of two orphanages: Blessings Hope Center and Royal Kids Orphans.

Bringing Hope to Abandoned Children;

Providing Shelter, Food, Education

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Connie Ruth Christiansen is an inspirational speaker, teacher, and author, who traveled to Africa, to speak at a conference, which was held at Blessings Hope Center in Kenya.


It was during this conference that Connie met and fell in love with the many children represented on this site; and where she encountered the heartbreaking plight of the many more children on the streets of Kenya who are desperate for someone to help them.


And she was determined to find a way to help the compassionate pastors who would willingly take more children in; if only there was more money, if only there was more food.

To Invite Connie to come tell your group more about African Child Outreach, 

Terri Fletcher, MS, Ed.,S, is a retired school counselor who spent more than 35 years working with children of the U.S. public school system. 


In preparation for traveling to Africa, Terri worked tirelessly to motivate and organize funds, to buy new clothing and school supplies for the orphans of Blessings Hope Center; and to enhance their small medical clinic.


After returning home to the U.S., Terri's  determined to somehow find a way to continue providing for the desperate needs of the many children that were now a part of her heart.


Connie and Terri invite you to be a part of their wonderful, ongoing effort;

Join hands with African Child Outreach today!

Your donation will make a difference!

These Children Used to Be Homeless

They are now Safe and Cared for Because of

Donations from Compassionate People Like You

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Royal Kids Orphanage, Kitalie,Kenya

African Child Outreach