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Connie Ruth Christiansen      

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​Who Is Connie?

(in her own words)

I have worn many hats in my lifetime: Teacher, Musician, Speaker, Mom, Writer, Editor, Author, Daughter, Director, Sister, Auntie, Friend, Mentor, Volunteer, Entrepreneur, Animal Lover and Rescuer, not necessarily in that order, and the list goes on.


I have known joy, and suffered loss; seen my dreams come true, and had my heart broken; been successful now and then, and made more mistakes than I care to admit; I have encountered love, hate, indifference, trust and betrayal; endured pain and found healing; I have been shy and awkward and have been bold and confident; and I am still learning and growing, and becoming little by little the person I am destined to be.


As I move from day to day, changing hats and changing venues, I am privileged and honored to meet multiples of people, from many places and walks of life. And I am forever fascinated by the paradox of life - that we are each so uniquely and vastly different, and yet so predictably alike.


And I am equally intrigued that God is so big and difficult to figure out, while at the same time He is so reachable, so intimate with us.

I am forever a student; always curious to learn, continually aware of sights, and sounds; of people and animals, and things of nature. My brain and my heart are constantly busy noticing details, enjoying hidden beauties and meanings; and often asking how, and why, and what if?


I am a teacher at heart. I did not discover the depth of this truth about myself until I was quite some distance into my life's journey. But looking back I can see that inspiring others has always been a part of me; it is within my DNA; a gift granted to me by our Creator.


This gift compels me to share with you what I have learned of life, and of love; to reveal powers of truth and faith; and to expose the lies that attempt to steal our joys.


I am delighted each time that someone reads what I write or listens to what I have to say; and then comments that my words have motivated their life, made them smile, challenged their thinking, or encouraged their faith.


To those of you who have welcomed this aspect of who I am into your midst, I am grateful. I truly enjoy sharing with you from out of the depths of my being; and I consider it a great honor, and I am humbled, each time I am invited to speak.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be me.


~ Connie 

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Connie Ruth Christiansen